Bernard Langer wins Senior British Open

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The long putter has been used on all the different tours. It does not have the same popularity on the PGA Tour as it does on other tours but that could easily change. A couple of top professionals that have used the long putter are Kevin Stadler, Orville Moody, and Tom Lehman. Many top European PGA tour players had had excellent results, and because of that the long putter is more widely used. Sam Torrance has had a lot of influence with other European players because of his success with the long putter. To read more... visit the History page.

Carl Pettersson wins RBC Canandian Open

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There are only three choices to be made in regards to obtaining your long putter. You can;

  1. Purchase a long putter from a manufacturer
  2. Assemble a long putter yourself
  3. Have us build your long putter.

In either case, we have the resources you will need to make an intelligent decision about making a purchase decision and the information along with instructions to guide you through every step for building your own long putter. (If we can do it, so can you!) To get more information, check out the Equipment page.

Tim Clark at the Masters

The How to Use the Long Putter

If you have trouble putting well, you probably have too much action in your wrists which can lead to poor control of the putterhead at impact. With greens faster than ever and in better condition this places a premium on precision. You will see players of all levels todays experimenting with different ways to get the ball in the hole. Some are using unusual or unconventional grips while others are moving to longer lengthed putters. Read more at the How To Use the Long Putter page.

Most recent Testimonial

Larry Beavens Larry Beavens — A competitive and recreational senior from Salem, Oregon. September 13, 2011.

I am 66 years old and have played golf for 55 years. I have battled the "yips" in my right hand dating back to my college days, and in the past 40 years or so I'm sure I have tried every stroke and grip combination there is with the short putter. When belly putters first came on the scene I gave them a serious try, but the love just wasn't there. I bounced back and forth from short putter to belly putter until about three months ago, when I finally decided to give the long putter a try.

After buying my long putter, the first thing I did was purchase "The Long View of Improved Putting." All I can say is that if you are new to the long putter, get this book before doing anything else. It will give you the tried and true techniques fo using the long stick, including the various grips and strokes that have worked for the tour's best. This book showed me that there are lots of ways to use the long putter, and was a great guide in finding the right stroke and grip for me. I have settled on a simple "arm and shoulder" stroke with a "forefinger-on-top" grip, and I have honestly never been so comfortable with a putter in my hand. Inside six feet I am just deadly, and the long putts are getting better all the time. I have practically eliminated three-putts from my game with the long putter, and that's a great feeling.

I've always believed that putting is 90% confidence, and this book will give you the confidence that you are using the long putter as it was designed to be used. It gives you the information you need to experiment and find the right stroke and grip for you. For me personally, I have found my niche when it comes to putting. With my new 48" Kombi putter and the knowledge I gained from this book, I will never again go back to the short stick.

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